What does ‘healing’ mean?

Episode #33 is a discussion with Barbara Zeman and Shirley Paulson who are trying to find a definition of healing.

Barbara has changed her mind over the years as to what healing really means. When she was young, she said, it meant that something in your body that hurt didn’t hurt any more. But now she thinks it has more to do with the soul and with wholeness. I think there’s a lot more to healing than stopping the body’s complaints too, but I feel rather strongly that healing needs to include the body along with the soul.

Healing is beautiful

We also touched on what healing means in other faith traditions. We recognize that almost every faith tradition has a different understanding of the meaning of ‘healing.’ And yet, we also found some interesting threads among the various ways of thinking about it.

The relationship between prayer and healing is a complex one. For instance, we noted that a prayer of human will is probably going to feel like a disappointment. But the right prayer will inevitably be answered. So, what is the right prayer? What should happen in a prayer? Why is healing an integral part of prayer?

What we most enjoyed in the conversation ourselves was the mutual agreement that the connection between prayer and healing is beautiful. We still have a lot of questions, and we hope our listeners will join in the discussion with their own insights and observations.

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  1. #1 by Sandi on October 13th, 2011 - 11:15 am

    I was checking the links on my Website to make sure they all go where they should, and up came your podcast, so I decided to listen! 23 minutes just gave you ladies time to get started (but was a good length)!

    Barbara as a hospital chaplain brings wonderful insights. I love that for her, as for Christian Scientists, there is a spiritual dimension to “Thy will be done,” that means a desire for spiritual growing, a change of heart, or seeing things in a new way that God is showing.

    I appreciated that you both distinguished between Jesus the historic person and the Christ who is present with us all the time.

    I have a Catholic friend and neighbor who is dealing with multiple physical woes, trying acupuncture and continued medical tests that have not yet solved anything for her. Over the last few months she has shifted from being a bit of a control freak to becoming very serene — exactly what Barbara described for those whose prayers engage them with spiritual, rather than physical, expectations. My friend clearly isn’t looking for a physical outcome first.

    You both agreed that healing is a natural experience. Shirley strongly feels that healing is something we should experience here and now because of our relationship to God.

    How helpful to hear Barbara’s question of why is the central focus of Christian Science on healing? And your response that a Christian Scientist seeking healing would be asking the deeper questions, Where is God in this story? Where do I find my peace with God, my relationship with God? How is God showing me I’m loved and cherished? And recognizing that this means that fear and human will have to go, being wrapped up in a material world has to go. And that person would also assume that a genuine encounter with the divine would include healing as a natural outcome.

    Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful discussion. So glad to have caught this podcast.

  2. #2 by Lyn Wiebers on February 12th, 2013 - 9:06 pm

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